As a Jesus Youth of America, one of the first encounters I had with the movement involved the joy and passion of a young mother and wife. When I met Dr. Sindhu Nadarajan, she was a mother of three and nearly fourteen years later, she is the mother of five and just as much on fire for God as she was then, if not more. I think some stories need to be shared, and her story in particular is worth a read. So let’s sit down together with Dr. Sindhu, affectionally called “chechi” and hear how she Encountered God.

Q: So tell us in a nutshell about your childhood and your family.

Sindhu: I was born into a Hindu family, to a father who was a Hindu priest. He maintained a very religious household. However when I was in seventh grade I was shocked to find out that my mother would visit the Shine of St. Anthony near our house for Tuesday Novenas. Incredulous, I remember asking my mom “why do you have to go to the church? We have 330 million plus gods and goddesses!”  My mom’s response was that visiting the church gives her so much peace and how much she admired St Anthony who she thought was a God. Something compelled me to check out this shrine and after that I never missed a single Tuesday mass. My only intention in going to the shrine was to pray and beg St. Anthony to get good grades. Meanwhile two of my Catholic friends from school taught me how to pray basic prayers like the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. And soon enough, I learned that St. Antony was not God, but only a Saint.  Many years later when I had a true conversion and was involved in ministry, my father was okay and he was open to all these things. He loved us so much that he gave us kids the freedom to seek, and he always said that if you seek genuinely you will find the truth! My family could observe that prayer was changing my life, and the loving nature of my Jesus Youth friends who would visit me also impacted my family.  Even when I had to make a long trip outside my hometown, my mom would have no problem as long as it was with a JY that she knew!

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