It takes a village to raise a child. This came true to Wakil and Roopa who had never heard of Christ. Sheetal Anns Philips narrates their story and how the Pro-Life ministry in Bangalore became a village to raise their triplets!

Wakil Mahto and his wife Roopa Devi hails from a poor family in Bhagalpur, Bihar, where people don’t even know about the existence of Christianity. They have settled in Bangalore for Wakil’s job. Back in 2011, they were faced with some tough decisions when Roopa was found to be pregnant for the very first time. 

It was a happy news for the couple and their family, until the ultrasound report came. The report said she was carrying triplets. And their gynecologist advised against carrying the babies to term. Her reason: raising one kid was enough of a challenge, imagine three! Wakil’s monthly salary was a mere Rs 5000(USD90) and with the already existing financial difficulties, raising three kids seemed like a scary prospect to them. Wakil and Roopa consulted multiple doctors and got the same advice, abort the babies. Roopa’s sister who had been married for many years didn’t have a baby yet and Roopa didn’t want to end what her sister couldn’t have.

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Sheetal Anns Philip,Bangalore, India
Sheetal Anns Philip,Bangalore, India

Sheetal Anns Philip was born and raised in Delhi. She is involved with Jesus Youth Pro-life ministry and believes every life is a beautiful gift of God and hence every human, born or unborn, has the right to live. Currently, Sheetal lives in Bangalore, India and works for HP Inc.