When we are generous, God accomplishes great things in us

Reflecting on the Gospel account of the miraculous catch of fish, and the calling of St Peter the Holy Father said when we respond generously to God’s call, Jesus “accomplishes great things in us.” Jesus “surprised” Simon by climbing in his boat, and going out a little ways from the shore to teach the people. We too are called to give and should have the attitude of openness in so far as the duties of responsibility in the Church. God opens new horizons and do not fall victim to disappointment and discouragement in the face of setbacks.

“Our Father” focuses on 7 invocations

The first 3 of the 7 supplications of “Our Father” are centered on “thy”, God the Father –  holy be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done.   The remaining four deals with “we” and our human needs – our daily bread, forgiveness of sins, help in temptation and freedom from evil. The contemplation of God is the mould of every Christian and human prayer.  On the one hand, we contemplate God, His mystery, beauty and goodness, and, on the other, we sincerely and courageously ask for “what we need to live, and live well”.

 Make Your Lives Be a Hymn of Praise to God’s Greatness

Let your life be a concrete manifestation of my faith in Him. The invocation ‘Hallowed be your name’ means to commit myself so that my life may be a hymn of praise to the greatness of God.  Men and women are eternally Beggars of Love. Trust in God who knows everything. In our prayers we do not reveal ourselves to the Father because He knows us much better than we know ourselves.  He is like mothers who at a glance understand everything about their children: whether they are happy or sad, whether they are sincere or are hiding something. The first step of Christian prayer, is entrusting ourselves to God, to His providence.

Work together to protect minors

Reflecting on the “Protection of Minors in the Church” Pope underlined that activities and places with all people of good will and all the elements and positive forces of society, in all countries that the very serious scourge of violence against hundreds of millions of children, girls and boys, all over the world, can be combated to the very end, in all its forms. He himself had listened to the voices of the victims, prayed and asked forgiveness from God and from the victims.

 Offer the condemned the possibility to change life

The Pope, in a video message, exhorts rulers and all those who have the responsibility in their countries to take the necessary steps towards the total abolition of the death penalty. Human life is a gift we have received. And it needs to be protected. Hence, capital punishment implies a grave violation of the right to life.  Although it’s true that human societies and communities must often face very grave crimes. Today there are other means to expiate the harm caused, and the systems of detention are increasingly effective to protect society from the evil. Also offer the guilty one of crimes the possibility to repent.

Pope Francis says…

  • Make Church as A Credible and Reliable one by working together
  • God is a mystery to us, but we are not an enigma in his eyes.
  • Welcome Christ’s victory over sin and death into our lives.
  • It is possible to rediscover the joy of God’s plan for creation and for each of us at any time.
  • Prayer casts out every fear, since the Trinity works in a hidden way for the redemption of the world.
  • While God sanctifies and transforms us by His love, it manifests God’s sanctity in the world, making His name present.