The Christian life is love, future and hope!

Dear young people, love is not dead. It calls us and sends us forth. It only asks that we open our heart. Let us ask for the apostolic strength to bring the Gospel to others – but to offer it, not impose it — and to resist the tendency to see our Christian life as if it were a museum of memories. Let us go forward, to meet these surprises.

Discern true rest from false rest

Society is thirsty for entertainment and holidays. The image-model of a successful person is one who can afford different kinds of pleasure. But this mentality slips towards dissatisfaction, an anesthetized existence of entertainment that is not rest, but alienation and escape from reality. Humanity has never rested as much as it does today, yet humanity has never experienced as much emptiness as today. True rest is a moment of contemplation and praise. In God alone do our soul finds rest.

Be conscious of God’s provident care

It is a time to look at reality and say: how beautiful life is. God’s mercy liberates us. It is very important to open oneself to God’s mercy so as not to be slaves of our selves. There are those people that spend the whole day looking at themselves in the mirror to see the ego. And one’s ego has a higher stature than one’s body. If we are slaves of ourselves we can’t love, because love is always towards others.

True love is true freedom

True love detaches from possession, rebuilds relationships, is able to welcome and value one’s neighbour, transforms every effort into joyful gift and renders one capable of communion. Love renders one free even in prison, even if one is weak and limited. True freedom is more than choice. It is liberation from the bondage of selfishness, sin and loveless-ness.

Honour your parents: they have given us life

In Hebrew the term honour indicates the glory, the value, literally the “weight”, the consistency of a reality. In the Scriptures, to honour God means to recognize His reality, to reckon with His presence. Therefore, to honour the father and the mother means to recognize their importance also with concrete acts, which express dedication, affection and care. Realising the fact that not all parents are perfect the fourth commandment bids us respect those who brought us into the world, despite their own limitations and the shortcomings of our childhood or home situation.

Jesus offers us the possibility of being born anew and to enjoy life in abundance.

God has a plan for our life. He is our heavenly Father, who through the death and resurrection of his Son offers us the possibility of being born anew and to enjoy life in abundance. Jesus redeems us from the slavery of sin. In this light, we find fulfilment in the glorious freedom of the children of God.

Pope Francis says…..

◗ Peace is a choice: it cannot be imposed and it isn’t found by chance.

◗ If you want to reach the heart of God, take the way of mercy, and allow yourself to be treated with mercy.

◗ It takes effort to always do good… The road to holiness is not for the lazy!

◗ God’s grace can bring not only healing but strength to change and to build a constructive future.

◗ When a community is truly Christian, it only listens, welcomes, accompanies and walks, but does not impose anything.

◗ Sunday is not the day to cancel the other days but to recall them, bless them and make peace with life because life is precious.