Idols blind us to love 

When a person puts an object  or a philosophy above God, it  not only destroys happiness,  it hinders the ability to  experience real love. The  temptation to turn things into  false gods is something all  people can fall prey to, whether  religious or not. Often, idolatry  can take the form of wanting  to know the future, instead of  relying on prayer and trust in  the providence of God. The  true God teaches us to live  in the reality of every day,  concretely, not with illusions  about the future.

Faith is measured by one’s  treatment of the poor 

The love with which  individuals and communities  treat the poor, the weak,  and the hungry, is the best  measure of faith. Faced with  the cry of hunger – all sorts of  ‘hunger’ – of so many brothers  and sisters in every part of  the world, we cannot remain  detached and calm spectators.  The proclamation of Christ,  bread of eternal life, requires  a generous commitment of  solidarity for the poor, the  weak, the least important, the  defenseless. This action of  proximity and charity is the    best verification of the quality  of our faith, both on a personal  level and on a community level.

Do you want to grow in  love? Keep Jesus close

A Christian can stay on the  right path to heaven, and  grow in love for God and his  neighbor, only by keeping close  to Christ and his love. With  Jesus at our side we can proceed  with security, we can overcome  trials, we progress in love  for God and for our neighbor.  To find the right orientation  of life, everyone needs the  truth – which is Christ – to  guide and enlighten their path.  Sometimes we fail to realize our  projects, because an unexpected  emergency occurs that messes  up our programs and requires  flexibility and availability to the  needs of others.

Love is the heart of  doctrine on family 

The core of Amoris Laetitia  is chapter four – How to live  love in the family. The youth  should read and talk about  the chapter with each other,  because there is a lot of  strength to continue going  forward and to transform  family life. Love never ends  and helps to learn how to love as God taught, you will be  transforming something that  is for all of eternity.

A good Catholic proclaims  the Gospel

By virtue of their Baptism,  every Catholic is called  to proclaim the Gospel of  Jesus Christ – a mission    which cannot be separated  from the Catholic Church.  It is truly our Baptism that  makes us missionaries. The  first necessary element of  all authentic missionary  discipleship is the “changeless  center, which is Jesus”.

God sets us free 

With the words “I am the  Lord your God”, the Lord first  identifies himself as our God,  the God whose love sets us  free from all that enslaves  us. These words show that  God’s “commands” are really  an invitation to respond with  gratitude to his saving love,  a love disclosed fully in the  coming of Jesus his Son.

Pope Francis says…..

◗ The Gospel invites Catholics  to be available and industrious

◗ God’s commandments are  part of his ongoing covenantal  dialogue with his people

◗ We are called to pass from  the letter of the Law to the  freedom of the Spirit.

◗ Young people should not be  “settled” in life, because being  “settled” means one is at a  standstill and “things don’t go  forward.”

◗ Idolatry consists in  divinizing what is not God’