So now, for those who enjoy sports, here’s a special person to whom you can intercede to while you go

for playing or competing. Even saints loved playing and enjoying as it filled them with the joy of the Holy Spirit.

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St. Anne is patron of horse women and riding

St. Brendan is the patron of sailing and boating.


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St. Bernard of Menthon is the patron of hiking,back packing, and skiing.



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St. Barbara is the patron of gunners,riflers.

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St. Sebastian who is considered to be one of the holy martyrs and an athleta Christi (“champion of Christ and guardian of the heavens”), is known as the patron saint of sports.

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St. Hyacinth is the patron of weightlifting

St. Rita is the patron of baseball

St. Nadia is the patron of gymnastics

St. Adjutor is the patron of swimmers, boaters

St. Lidwina is the patron of ice skaters, disease and suffering.

St. Andrew, is the patron of fishermen and fishing.

St. Luigi Scrosoppi is the patron of all soccer players/footballers.

Born: 4 August 1804

Died:3 April 1884

Feast:3 April