Open your heart to the Holy Spirit

If you feel the darkness of solitude, obstacles blocking out hope, if your heart has a festering wound, or there seems no way out, then open your heart to the Holy Spirit. The word ‘Paraclete’– difficult to translate because of its several meanings – principally means ‘Consoler’ and ‘Advocate’.Worldly comforts are like pain relievers that give momentary relief but cannot cure the root cause of illnesses. The hostile spirit, devil, first flatters us with invincibility then flings us down as failures, whereas the Spirit of the Lord wants to raise us up.

Catholic Charismatics offer ‘sign of fraternity’

CHARIS, Catholic Charismatic Renewal International Services make us God’s witnesses of ‘today’, for the Church and humanity. Together we are called to serve brotherhood. We Christians, together, have to give to the world: to be witnesses of God’s love that has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us. As apostles, we need to be grounded in God’s grace that creates and renews all things, so that we can go forth as missionaries of mercy to the world.After the pandemic, the world needs a ‘spiritual restart’.

Charity is fundamental to politics

Charity is a necessary part of politics. Love is for everybody, and when love is not universal, politics fail in their intent. How can young people, pessimistic about corruption in politics,work for change?When people ask me about the political situation around the world, I always say that wherever politics is failing, harmony has been lost, the ability to discuss has been lost. Public officials must be long-sighted, and should seek ‘harmony’ rather than self-interest.

 Praying is not easy

There are three enemies of prayer: distraction, spiritual aridity, and sloth.It is necessary to know them, recognise and overcome them. Athletes know that contests are not won solely through physical training, but also with mental discipline: above all, with concentration and focus.Prayer works miraclesbecause prayer goes directly to the heart of our tender God.

To invest in young people is to invest in the future of the Church

During World Youth Day 1985, St. John Paul II said,‘All young people must feel that they are cared for by the Church. Therefore, may the entire Church on a worldwide level, in union with the Successor of Peter, be more and more committed to young people, to their concerns and worries and to their aspirations and hopes, so as to meet Christ, the Truth. Young people are indispensable bearers of … the Kingdom of God, the hope of the Church and the world. It is about encouraging vocations, and it effectively means the initiation of remote preparation for the families of tomorrow. It is, therefore, a vital task for every local church and not simply one more activity.’

Catechists are truly the pride of the missionary Church

The vocation of catechist demands to be recognised as a true and genuine ministry of the Church, which we particularly need. Catechists are specialists, direct witnesses and irreplaceable evangelisers. Through religious instruction, preparation for the sacraments, animation of prayer and other works of charity, they help the baptised to grow in Christian life.  An instituted ministry is a type of formal, vocational service within the Catholic Church.  A lay person called to be a catechist should have deep faith and human maturity, capable of welcoming others, being generous and living a life of fraternal communion.

Pope Francis says …

  • The Holy Spirit commonly offers three pieces of advice: Live in the present, look to the whole, and put God before you.
  • I convey my heartfelt solidarity and spiritual closeness to all the Indian people that God will grant healing and consolation to everyone affected by this grave pandemic.
  • Closeness, compassion, and tenderness are God’s ‘trademark’, always.
  • The Church is human, but it is not merely a human organisation, it is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • Each diocese can organise ‘festivals of faith’ for witnessing and communion similar to the international events like World Youth Day.
  • Those who receive the Holy Spirit are called, in turn, to become paracletes or comforters, to others

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